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Take 20% off Entire Month of May

This is nurses week and many retailers are discounting their prices accordingly. We here at say Phooey on Nurses Week; let’s make it Nurses Month. And so we are offering a 20% discount for the entire month on all items in our selection. It doesn’t matter the brand or the style, whether Med Couture Scrubs, Peaches Uniforms, Peaches Dresses, Peaches Vivi, Med Couture Men’s, or Med Couture MC2. They are all discounted the same’ 20% off any and all of your purchases. It is as simple as that; you save big money for shopping.

Med Couture Lab Coats are also marked down, as are the Lab Coats by Peaches. Both are high quality lines; they are durable, they are high quality, they are utilitarian, and they look professional. The goal is to get you outfitted as inexpensively as possible with fantastic scrubs from a leading manufacturer in the industry so that you can look good when your are out making money.

So start shopping today. You won’t notice the discount until you look at the items in your shopping cart after they have been selected. Once you check there, you will see the name of the discount, and you will see how much you have saved. Have a great month; in fact, do more than that, as we would like to wish you all the best for a lifetime.

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