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Med Couture Scrubs in Animal Hospitals

I just spoke with Dr. Walter Cailliteau of the Sierra Madre Animal Hospital who has used Med Couture’s Signature Scrubs for his office for some years now. He stated that Med Couture Scrubs work well in his animal hospital, that he likes the way that they look, the way that they wear, and the fact that they set a statement for his clinic, as all of his assistants are color coordinated, being outfitted in complementary colors.

Dr. Cailliteau also stated that he enjoys the service that PeachesUniforms4u has offered. He stated that he likes dealing with the “Mom and Pop” shop, that he roots for the underdog, and that he has found us to be competitive and very easy to work with. We appreciate feedback like this as it makes all of our effort worthwhile. We truly are a “Mom and Pop” shop — actually a GrandMom and GrandPop shop — as we have recently taken over custodianship of our almost two-year-old grandson. We run the website out of our house and devote as much time as is possible to making PeachesUniforms4u successful.

Doctor Cailliteau is not the only veterinary clinic that we have worked with. One of the early highlights of this site was selling some Peaches Uniforms to a veterinary in Sweden. I believe it was one of the first orders we shipped overseas. We felt like we were getting up in the world, having the privilege of dealing with professionals in other countries. This is one of the blessings of having the World Wide Web; it puts you into contact with people that you would never meet if it wasn’t for the fact that one has the entire world at their fingers.

We trust you will continue to support our efforts to serve you at PeachesUniforms4u. We are here when you need us. You can call pert near anytime. And while you may hear the little guy’s play in the background, we do try to give each and every customer our full and undivided attention.

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