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PeachesUniforms4u has a New Web Site

At long last, has a new web site. This site has been in the working for two years, from its birth in desire, to its infancy in a freelancer, to its adolescence in two month of solid hard work and internet investigations. After the freelancer laid down his tools, the Intenet-programming-newbies of PU4u took over. Investigating WordPress and plugins, we determined that an automated website was feasible and possible. This launched a process of trial and error — at times it felt as if it was mostly errors — resulting in the platform that you are shopping on now at your leisure. With an update script running almost continually in the background, the programming will now add new products to our listing as soon as they are available, it will show items which are not yet in stock, and which can be placed on back-order, or on your wish list, and it will also delete those items which are no longer in stock — at least that is our hope and design. It will be up to the Lord as He works through our hosting company and our software in order to keep it all running.

One of the difficulties of our previous site was the amount of work to keep all the products and inventory updated. Med Couture, Inc., the producers of Peaches Uniforms and its flagship Med Couture line, has steady volume, seasonal merchandise, and perpetually depleting stock, making it almost a full-time job in order to keep the website up-to-date and showing the available products. I am chagrined to admit that at times the second law of thermodynamics took over and the site was far out-of-date. Inventory was showing that was just out-of-stock, and the trailblazing items simply did not appear until months after they had been available. It is the nature of the beast, I suppose, trying to exist with too many irons in the fire, and with the fire not quite hot enough to fully warm up all the irons.

We are excited about this new format. WordPress has been around for quite a while now, and its platform has become very stable and very reliable. The background scripts have been tested and tried. They run in the background in such a way that they do not demand all of the sites resources, and so they make shopping on the site quite enjoyable. The amount of items which are in stock are shown very clearly, minimizing the potential of items being ordered when no stock is available. We even had special coding developed so that you will know when an item has inventory, but will not be restocked again. If you see ***** after the date available tag, you will know that the stock that is current is all that there is; the item will not be restocked, and so there will be no back orders available.

It is our plan to also develop this blog. At the present time, we are not completely sure what form this will take, but we are hoping to find some good information which will capture the attention of our audience. Hopefully, it will keep you coming back, not simply to shop for your nursing scrubs, but also to find a good read, or to find some information which will help you in your profession and practice. If you find good information that you think should belong on our blog, please do not hesitate to send it along. You can email it to us at our new email address, which is

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