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Outfitting Your Entire Office – 15% off all MC2 Items

Outfitting Your Entire Office? Take advantage of 15% off all Med Couture MC2 items here at MC2 scrubs are recent, stylish additions to the inventory of Med Couture, Inc, ® formerly Peaches Uniforms, located in Farmer’s Branch, Texas. “Med Couture, Inc.® offers a variety of styles ranging from classic silhouettes to innovative designs. Each garment is designed with an attention to detail to ensure all of your needs are met as a healthcare professional. Available in a wide spectrum of colors and prints, you will certainly find what you need” here at PeachesUniforms4u,com (modified from a statement which appears on

Committed to offering you the best selection at the best prices, is passing on its discounted prices on MC2 Scrubs at this time. For a limited time, therefore, it is offering all MC2 Scrubs at 15% off when you order 24 pieces or more. You can mix and match these pieces; and you can choose from MC2 tops, MC2 pants, and MC2 lab coats. This 15% off will be automatically calculated in the shopping cart; you will not even need a couple to avail yourself of the savings.

Please be aware that MC2 items may not match the items in Med Couture’s Classic line of nurse scrubs nor of the nurse uniforms found under Med Couture Gold. As each of these scrub lines are made of slightly different material, they each take the die which is used differently, creating a slight variation in color. Thus, it is better when shopping for medical uniforms and medical scrubs that one stay within the brand “line,” so to speak, and not try to mix and match Med Couture Classic with Med  Couture Gold, or Med Couture MC2 with either the Classic or Gold line.

As always, we thank you for shopping with us at We trust you have had a great shopping experience and that you will pass your great savings information onto your coworkers and friends.

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