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International Orders Accepted

I was just asked via email whether or not we accept orders from countries other than United States. The answer is yes! We take great pride and joy in shipping our Med Couture Scrubs all over the world. So far, we have shipped Peaches Uniforms to Great Britain; we have shipped Peaches Lab Coats also to Sweden; we have shipped Peaches Scrubs to places such as places such as Australia and New Zealand; and we have done significant business sending Med Couture Scrubs to both Canada and Columbia in South America.

Our international shipping terms are a little bit different than than those on the continent. International orders take about a week to process out of our office. Most shipments are sent First Class Mail through the United States Post Office. As we live very close to the Canadian Border we do have the ability to send our Canadian Orders via Canada Post. Shipping time varies per country, but we have seen an average of about 7-10 days; thus it is usually three weeks or so lag time from the time of the order to the time that you will receive your items.

Exchanges are a bit pricey for the consumer. We will always replace any defective items at our cost for the shipping. Exchanges and returns however are up to the customer to ship the original items back to us. We also require that a new order be placed for the replacement items thus incurring a third shipping charge. Therefore, please pay close attention to our size chart, and make sure that you are ordering those outfits which are the same size as you are.

However, we do look forward to service our International customers. Whether it is Peaches Uniforms, Peaches Scrubs, Med Couture Uniforms, Med Couture Scrubs, or Peaches Dresses, we will be happy to ship them your way. And as always, we appreciate all of our customer, regardless of location; and it will always be our pleasure to serve you.

Thanks you very much for business.

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