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Take 20% off Entire Month of May

This is nurses week and many retailers are discounting their prices accordingly. We here at say Phooey on Nurses Week; let’s make it Nurses Month. And so we are offering a 20% discount for the entire month on all items in our selection. It doesn’t matter the brand or the style, whether Med Couture Scrubs, Peaches Uniforms, Peaches Dresses, Peaches Vivi, Med Couture Men’s, or Med Couture MC2. They are all discounted the same’ 20% off any and all of your purchases. It is as simple as that; you save big money for shopping.

Med Couture Lab Coats are also marked down, as are the Lab Coats by Peaches. Both are high quality lines; they are durable, they are high quality, they are utilitarian, and they look professional. The goal is to get you outfitted as inexpensively as possible with fantastic scrubs from a leading manufacturer in the industry so that you can look good when your are out making money.

So start shopping today. You won’t notice the discount until you look at the items in your shopping cart after they have been selected. Once you check there, you will see the name of the discount, and you will see how much you have saved. Have a great month; in fact, do more than that, as we would like to wish you all the best for a lifetime.

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15% off on Peaches Nurse Dresses is currently offering a 15% discount on Peaches Nurse Dresses when you order 10 dresses or more. Peaches Nurse Dresses often double as Church Usher Dresses. They are stylish and classy and bring freshness back to your office or to your ushers, outfitting your people in dresses which are striking and new. If you are seeking a change, now is the time. 15% off amounts to savings of 50 dollars or more. So start shopping now, and you can shop your way into some savings.

Peaches Nurse Dresses are a flagship product of Med Couture, Inc., formerly Peaches Uniforms, of Farmer’s Branch, Texas. Peaches actually started their business offering dresses for nurses and churches, and these Nurse Dresses have continues to be great sellers throughout the company’s history. Made from high quality, breathable fabric, Peaches Nurse Dresses are classy and comfortable and tailored to make a striking impression.

As always, we thanks you for shopping with Peachesuniforms4u. if there is any way we can be of service to you, do not hesitate to contact us at

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Outfitting Your Entire Office – 15% off all MC2 Items

Outfitting Your Entire Office? Take advantage of 15% off all Med Couture MC2 items here at MC2 scrubs are recent, stylish additions to the inventory of Med Couture, Inc, ® formerly Peaches Uniforms, located in Farmer’s Branch, Texas. “Med Couture, Inc.® offers a variety of styles ranging from classic silhouettes to innovative designs. Each garment is designed with an attention to detail to ensure all of your needs are met as a healthcare professional. Available in a wide spectrum of colors and prints, you will certainly find what you need” here at PeachesUniforms4u,com (modified from a statement which appears on

Committed to offering you the best selection at the best prices, is passing on its discounted prices on MC2 Scrubs at this time. For a limited time, therefore, it is offering all MC2 Scrubs at 15% off when you order 24 pieces or more. You can mix and match these pieces; and you can choose from MC2 tops, MC2 pants, and MC2 lab coats. This 15% off will be automatically calculated in the shopping cart; you will not even need a couple to avail yourself of the savings.

Please be aware that MC2 items may not match the items in Med Couture’s Classic line of nurse scrubs nor of the nurse uniforms found under Med Couture Gold. As each of these scrub lines are made of slightly different material, they each take the die which is used differently, creating a slight variation in color. Thus, it is better when shopping for medical uniforms and medical scrubs that one stay within the brand “line,” so to speak, and not try to mix and match Med Couture Classic with Med  Couture Gold, or Med Couture MC2 with either the Classic or Gold line.

As always, we thank you for shopping with us at We trust you have had a great shopping experience and that you will pass your great savings information onto your coworkers and friends.

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Med Couture Scrubs in Animal Hospitals

I just spoke with Dr. Walter Cailliteau of the Sierra Madre Animal Hospital who has used Med Couture’s Signature Scrubs for his office for some years now. He stated that Med Couture Scrubs work well in his animal hospital, that he likes the way that they look, the way that they wear, and the fact that they set a statement for his clinic, as all of his assistants are color coordinated, being outfitted in complementary colors.

Dr. Cailliteau also stated that he enjoys the service that PeachesUniforms4u has offered. He stated that he likes dealing with the “Mom and Pop” shop, that he roots for the underdog, and that he has found us to be competitive and very easy to work with. We appreciate feedback like this as it makes all of our effort worthwhile. We truly are a “Mom and Pop” shop — actually a GrandMom and GrandPop shop — as we have recently taken over custodianship of our almost two-year-old grandson. We run the website out of our house and devote as much time as is possible to making PeachesUniforms4u successful.

Doctor Cailliteau is not the only veterinary clinic that we have worked with. One of the early highlights of this site was selling some Peaches Uniforms to a veterinary in Sweden. I believe it was one of the first orders we shipped overseas. We felt like we were getting up in the world, having the privilege of dealing with professionals in other countries. This is one of the blessings of having the World Wide Web; it puts you into contact with people that you would never meet if it wasn’t for the fact that one has the entire world at their fingers.

We trust you will continue to support our efforts to serve you at PeachesUniforms4u. We are here when you need us. You can call pert near anytime. And while you may hear the little guy’s play in the background, we do try to give each and every customer our full and undivided attention.

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Good Time to Buy Peaches Dresses

Easter is coming, and it is a good time to buy Peaches Dresses. Truth is, these dresses double as church usher dresses, especially for many of the churches in the South and along the Eastern Corridor. The dresses are classy and stylish. They are modest and come in both one piece and two-piece church suit varieties. Peaches Dresses are a Peaches’ original; from what I have been told, Peaches was founded on serving the churches, and many of the original customers of Peaches Uniforms — now Med Couture, Inc. — were customers who came from the churches.

PeachesUniforms4u welcomes business from churches. In fact, we are in the business of serving churches, not only with Usher Uniforms, but also in ministry. As you may know, is owned by Lyndi Needham of Pembina, North Dakota; and Lyndi’s husband, Keith, is an ordained minister, serving a small congregation in Canada.

Whether church is your thing or not, the Easter season is a good time to buy Peaches Dresses. If nurse dresses serve your need, our prices are right, our service is efficient, and our delivery is right to your doorstep. So take the time to browse our Nurse Dress selections today.

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International Orders Accepted

I was just asked via email whether or not we accept orders from countries other than United States. The answer is yes! We take great pride and joy in shipping our Med Couture Scrubs all over the world. So far, we have shipped Peaches Uniforms to Great Britain; we have shipped Peaches Lab Coats also to Sweden; we have shipped Peaches Scrubs to places such as places such as Australia and New Zealand; and we have done significant business sending Med Couture Scrubs to both Canada and Columbia in South America.

Our international shipping terms are a little bit different than than those on the continent. International orders take about a week to process out of our office. Most shipments are sent First Class Mail through the United States Post Office. As we live very close to the Canadian Border we do have the ability to send our Canadian Orders via Canada Post. Shipping time varies per country, but we have seen an average of about 7-10 days; thus it is usually three weeks or so lag time from the time of the order to the time that you will receive your items.

Exchanges are a bit pricey for the consumer. We will always replace any defective items at our cost for the shipping. Exchanges and returns however are up to the customer to ship the original items back to us. We also require that a new order be placed for the replacement items thus incurring a third shipping charge. Therefore, please pay close attention to our size chart, and make sure that you are ordering those outfits which are the same size as you are.

However, we do look forward to service our International customers. Whether it is Peaches Uniforms, Peaches Scrubs, Med Couture Uniforms, Med Couture Scrubs, or Peaches Dresses, we will be happy to ship them your way. And as always, we appreciate all of our customer, regardless of location; and it will always be our pleasure to serve you.

Thanks you very much for business.

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Coupon Codes Added

We have added Coupon Codes our shopping cart and website. From now on, all Med Couture items will be 5% off of their already marked down sale price. Peaches dresses will be marked down 10% off of their regular prices. Med Couture items include Med Couture’s Classic Scrubs, as well as Med Couture’s MC2 Line and also Med Couture Gold. There is no limit to this coupon; you will receive 5% off of all Med Couture items and Dresses which are in you shopping cart. You can even use both of the coupons together. Therefore, shop now, and save big money, at

Med Couture, Inc., manufacturer of Med Couture Scrubs, Peaches Uniforms, Peaches Dresses, M2 and Vivi scrubs does not set final sales prices on their quality items. While retailers are not allowed to advertise prices too low, they are not prevented from passing along great deals to their customers. Thus, we have chosen to pass along some continual savings to our customers in an effort to give them the most competitive prices on the Internet. Pass this message on to your friends and your co-workers and you will be passing these savings on to them also.

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New Site Activated

Our new site is up and running. There have been minimal difficulties in the transition. We trust that you will find this site to be easier to navigate, to have more information as to inventory and such, and to provide a more satisfying shopping experience. Do stop by often, as new color combinations are being added on a regular basis, and new print outfits arrive and depart rapidly as well. Thank you for stopping by, and we welcome your curiosity and your business.

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Toll Free Number Down

Just a quick blog entry to let customers know that the toll free number is not working at the present time. We are looking into a fix, but it will take a few days to get things lined up. In the meantime, please phone us at 701 825-6352 or 701 520-5865. Thanks.