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KAN Enterprises / PeachesUniforms4u.com is an authorized retailer of Med Couture, Inc., which was formerly Peaches Uniforms and Scrubs. Med Couture is a leading designer of medical and nursing scrubs and uniforms most specifically known for its innovative and colorful prints. KAN Enterprises has developed a positive relationship with Med Couture, Inc., since its formation in 2008. We offer all of their quality selections.

PeachesUniforms4u.com is owned and operated by Lyndi Needham. Our goal is to provide you an excellent Web-shopping experience for all of your medical uniform and nursing scrubs. We update our offerings regularly and work hard to minimize items that may be out-of-stock or on back-order when they are ordered. Lyndi, along with her husband Keith, strives to provide excellent customer service, so please do not hesitate to give us a call at 866-605-2695.

PeachesUniforms4u.com is located in Pembina, North Dakota, just 2 miles south of the Canadian border. This makes importing and shipping to Canada possible. Customers in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba can also pick up their orders at our Pembina location. KAN Enterprises also provides a small border pickup service, as well, should you be interested in shipping any of your other packages to Pembina. To arrange for this service, please call Keith or Lyndi at 866-605-2695 or 701-825-6352.

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  1. What are the steps to become an authorized retailer?

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