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15% off on Peaches Nurse Dresses is currently offering a 15% discount on Peaches Nurse Dresses when you order 10 dresses or more. Peaches Nurse Dresses often double as Church Usher Dresses. They are stylish and classy and bring freshness back to your office or to your ushers, outfitting your people in dresses which are striking and new. If you are seeking a change, now is the time. 15% off amounts to savings of 50 dollars or more. So start shopping now, and you can shop your way into some savings.

Peaches Nurse Dresses are a flagship product of Med Couture, Inc., formerly Peaches Uniforms, of Farmer’s Branch, Texas. Peaches actually started their business offering dresses for nurses and churches, and these Nurse Dresses have continues to be great sellers throughout the company’s history. Made from high quality, breathable fabric, Peaches Nurse Dresses are classy and comfortable and tailored to make a striking impression.

As always, we thanks you for shopping with Peachesuniforms4u. if there is any way we can be of service to you, do not hesitate to contact us at

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